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Event Management

Heer Events are able to provide guidance on any aspect of the event from the beginning to the end.

We have managed events from small family gatherings, weddings to big corporate events. So whatever the occasion you choose, be sure to know that your event will go off without a hitch with our experienced team of employees.

We provide stewards and security personnel to work alongside you and your wedding event. However don’t be afraid that this will create an uneasy atmosphere as the work will be conducted covertly in the background so that any nuisance or uninvited guests, who may cause a disturbance at the event, are calmly put in a situation where they are not able to become a threat. We will work on your behalf to deny entry to any such individuals and can alert the emergency services, if required, if any such situation is seen to be escalating beyond control.

Our event security manager will work closely with the event organiser, the door/gate staff, police and emergency services to ensure that security and emergency contingency plans are in place before the guests/crowds arrive for your event. So you can rest assured that your guests get the maximum enjoyment from your event and you get peace of mind.

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